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The Truth about Toners

The Truth about Toners

Over the years, I've noticed some customer confusion about the role of a toner in skincare.  Some women believe they shouldn't use a toner if their skin is dry, mature or sensitive. In fact, the opposite is true – a good toner will help hydrate, soothe and rebalance the skin, ensuring it is properly prepared to absorb the moisturiser.

What do toners do?

Toners were once touted as an extra cleansing step, to remove every last trace of oil or makeup from the skin. But proper cleansing and makeup removal should take care of all this, and the toner should be used instead to help balance our skin's pH, to restore the natural acidity of our skin (the “acid mantle”) and get it ready to accept all the helpful ingredients that are in our moisturiser.

Skin shouldn’t feel tight or “squeaky-clean” after using toner – this is a sure sign the one you’re using contains skin-drying ingredients. Instead, you want the skin to feel refreshed and softened and ready for the next step.

What kind of toner should I use?

Look for a toner that hydrates and soothes as well as tones. Alcohol is often added as a main ingredient in many toners, especially those promoted as anti-acne.  This type of toner will dry the skin out and make it oilier in the long run. (So why is alcohol listed in our formula? Rest assured, it's only in a tiny, non-drying amount, required to distill the witchhazel active.)

Mists also make a great pick-me-up for the skin that you can use any time. They also remove the need for cotton makeup pads, which can stretch the skin. Simply spritz (a forearm's length away from the face, is a good place to start) the face and then pat in to the skin.

The Evolu Facial Toner contains soothing and softening aloe vera, hydrating and repairing rosa gallica and stimulating and de-puffing witchhazel. It’s actually a joy to use - and not only to tone the skin.  Its handy spritz nozzle means its purpose goes beyond toning.  The Facial Toner Travel Size is small enough to take on the plane, on long hikes, or even just for refreshing the skin after long stretches in front of the computer. And for those battling with hormonal flushes, it's Evolu's own rescue remedy!

Once you find the correct toner for your skin you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.