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Is skincare a mindful activity?

Is skincare a mindful activity?

Recently I've been reflecting on the importance of self-care in my life.

I was inspired to think about the topic after reading this opinion piece on the validity and relevance of skincare. It's an entertaining and light-hearted article, but the gist of the author's comments - that for her the importance of skincare is all about feeling good - really resonates for me.

It made me examine what it is about caring for my skin that I love so much.

Skincare for me is a sensory pleasure and an escape. It's a joyful moment. An interlude. The outside world disappears and I'm in my happy place of touch, sound and smell. I'm inspired here by Evolu of course: the click of the cap before I squeeze out my cleanser, the delicious sensation of the toner's spritz and its rose-petals scent, the silky drops of the facial serum in the palm of my hand...these little moments all add up to a beautiful experience for me.

To keep the emphasis on pleasure rather than method, and because simple things are easier to turn into habits, I focus on keeping my own skincare ritual uncomplicated.

I like to follow the three step process of cleanse, tone and moisturise, both morning and night, and then slip in little extras, like exfoliating and masques, where I see fit. And I give my whole body the attention it deserves, not just my face.

My morning wake-up call for my face is the Regulating Gel Cleanser - it's perky and fragrant and our New Zealand native Kumerahou gives it a lovely natural foaming ability. Night-time is all about rest and renewal, so I prefer to use the Relaxing Creme Cleanser here: the smooth, creamy texture and the Calendula fragrance help soothe and relax me at a deeper level than just my skin.

I love our Facial Toner, not just for its heavenly rose scent, but because it has a spritzing nozzle - essential not only for the face but the whole body. It helps create a very spa-like ritual in caring for my skin all over, and by balancing the skin's pH levels, it ensures the hydrating moisturiser that follows can soak in more effectively.

Once I get to the moisturising step, I'm really 'in my zone'. My personal favourites are the Active Age-Defence Moisturisers and Facial Serum for the face, and for the body, the Ultimate Goodness Body Butter is a particular treat in summer thanks to its creamy texture and the fragrant Monoi de Tahiti, otherwise it's the daily hydrate with the Smoothing Body Lotion that leaves my skin (and me!) feeling good.

How about you? Are there daily practices you have that could be turned into something more meaningful? I now see my daily walks with the dog, meditation and yoga as vital parts of my own selfcare calendar. Combine these with a balanced diet, lots of laughter, and maybe some op-shop retail therapy, and I'm good to go!