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Does Evolu test on animals?

No we don't test products or ingredients on animals. Nor do we ask anyone else to do so on our behalf. All our ingredients suppliers must certify no animal testing. Prior to filling all our formulations are micro-biologically tested for safety but these tests don't involve humans or animals. We won't consider any new market if testing on animals is an entry condition into that country.

Can I use Evolu products on my children?

Absolutely. All Evolu products are very gentle, and the moisturisers are perfect for dry patches of skin, as I have chosen essential oils that have especially hydrating and nourishing properties.

Do Evolu products contain preservatives?

Botanical formulations typically blend plant oils in a water base. Over time, with everyday use, this can pose a significant safety risk of microbial contamination. For this reason we use broad-spectrum preservatives, of the highest quality and at absolute minimum concentrations, to ensure product safety. We consider natural alternatives whenever viable, and some of our products formulated without water are preservative free.

Do you have products for sensitive skin?

Yes - bearing in mind that the skin is a living organ and caring for it is a highly individual matter - the ingredients in our range are carefully chosen for their suitability for sensitive skins - in many cases the essential oils have specific benefits for skin sensitivities and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Do you offer Evolu products for men?

Not specifically - but the designs are modern and clean so appeal to all genders. Products such as the eye gel, moisturisers, hand+cuticle and the scrubs are fabulous for anyone.

What efforts does Evolu make to help our planet?

We take sustainability very seriously and we strive for plant-friendly practices wherever we can, in measurable ways. For example Evolu is a certified CarboNZero business, which requires us to annually measure and mitigate all of our energy use. We have been certified CarboNZero since 2009 and have recently won an award for Outstanding Performance in Carbon Management.

Does Evolu have palm oil in its formulations?

We never use palm oil as a single ingredient by itself, and we do all we can to avoid palm oil derivatives. This is a challenge, as some widely used ingredients - Cetearyl Alcohol is an example - can come from either a palm or coconut source and it can be difficult to know which, due to obscure traceability from some suppliers. In such cases we challenge our suppliers to ensure only Certified Sustainable Palm Oil derived options, which requires accountability, traceability and certification across the supply chain. The more businesses that require this, the better, as this demand ensures the supply of sustainably sourced ingredients.

Is Evolu packaging recyclable?

We take care to consider all our packaging is best for its purpose and seek to use recyclable materials whenever possible to minimise its impact on the environment. We use recyclable and reusable glass and paper packaging. Our plastics are primarily HDPE and LDPE which can be readily placed into your recycle bin. Other plastics we use - such as for the Body Butter and Body Scrub pots - are perfectly reusable and we encourage customers to repurpose them once empty.