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The power of tea

The power of tea

Some days, it seems like the Evolu office runs on tea. No other drink is quite as soothing, restorative and refreshing – and it certainly helps us power through those busy times!

Here we share some of our favourite teas that our Evolu family drink and why we love them so much:

Lemon and Ginger: Lemon and ginger tea is drunk daily in the Evolu office. Not only do these two ingredients taste great together, but they also both contain immunity-boosting antioxidants and vitamin C. Sarah, says it’s a delicious alternative to caffeine-based drinks. Ginger is also excellent for calming nausea and aiding digestion.

Lemon Verbena: Kati’s favourite hand-picked tea, Lemon Verbena, is very easy to grow. “My mother used to grow and dry it, so there was always some in a jar in the pantry,” she says. “It’s fantastic for digestion and cleansing the system.”

Green: Full of antioxidants called polyphenols, green tea is another Evolu favourite. Usually a coffee drinker, Paul, has noticed increased energy levels since he has been drinking a blend of green tea and citrus. Katie swears by Genmaicha, a Japanese green tea blended with roasted rice. “Green tea can be quite bitter but the roasted rice gives this tea a smooth and toasty flavour. It sounds unusual but it’s divine!”

Peppermint: Lynnette enjoys a refreshing cup of peppermint tea. Excellent for digestion, it is also cleansing and immunity-boosting. She is also a big fan of iced tea in the summer. Any flavour will do!