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The beauty of friends

The beauty of friends

The growing popularity of facial oils in skincare raises an interesting question. Is it better to apply a single botanical ingredient for this purpose, or a blend?  

In developing our latest new product, we pondered this topic and came to our own conclusion.

We'd been receiving a lot of customer feedback on Rosehip oil, much of it on the same theme. Results-wise, a great ingredient. But touch and smell? Not so popular. Certainly lacking the beautiful texture and fragrance that makes Evolu products so special.

This got us thinking. Couldn't we come up with an alternative that would satisfy everyone: efficacy for the skin as well a treat for the senses? As we chatted about this further, one of our team reminded us of our product mantra: "every Evolu formulation is greater than the sum of its parts". To which someone else made a lovely observation: "Just like a bunch of friends". Which made us laugh. Then there was a pause. And then smiles. And there we had it: the inspiration we needed.

The natural synergy when great friends get together is the perfect analogy for plant-based skincare. What we needed were perfectly compatible 'friends' for rosehip that would deliver not only greater benefits to the skin...but also a more beautiful texture and fragrance.

Plant-oil 'auditions' began, and after lengthy appraisal and testing, the winners were found: Argan, Grapeseed, Pomegranate, Kiwifruit Seed and Rosehip oils worked wonders in sync, creating just the right balance of brightening, protection and nutrients, and, equally vital, a lovely lightweight texture and 'dry' skinfeel.

The goal was a facial oil for everyday use, day or night, with make-up or without, and of course, one that's a sensory pleasure to use. Can a fragrance evoke a feeling of freshness and radiance? That was the brief for our founder, whose expert nose we called in to blend all-natural essential oils for the product's finishing touch.

As we've all experienced with our own friends, when the combination is right, magic happens!