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Your hydration booster for spring

Your hydration booster for spring
It's that time again, spring has sprung and the weather starts throwing us all types of temperatures and elements, this is a good time to look in your beauty cabinet and really sort your the system you need for transitional season skincare, this simply means a booster to your daily regimen, try this 3 step combo once a week or when you need a pick me up.
For this time of year, we see more sunshine and dryer days, we tend to get out and about more as we lead into the silly season and its social aspects, so we are going combat and target to achieve clean hydration.
Step 1
On clean skin we want to first start with a drenching process, for those wondering what this is, it is like what it sounds. Evolu Facial Toner and with its misting application makes the drenching process easy, give 4-5 even sprays over the face, neck, and back of your hands. Take a second to let it settle and cool on the skin then using your palms gently press over the treated areas. It's the polysaccharides, enzymes & Omega-6 essential fatty acids from Aloe Vera that help to hydrate, soften skin texture, and soothe irritation. This is the balancing and refining base of this combo.

Step 2
Following on we next reach for the Evolu Eye+Lip Serum, this light and velvety cream is potent with all the right ingredients so a little goes a long way. Using the tip of your ring finger, gently pat from under the inner corner of the eyes right to the temples, then do the same around your smile and cupids bow. Tiger nut and Marine wakame algae help reinforce connective tissue at deep levels while shea butter enriches with moisture-retentive properties. To make this action more soothing in the warmer months, try storing this in the fridge before application.

Step 3
To crown the skin in this final step we are going to use the Evolu Skin Rescue Rehydration Masque. Warm the product in your hands and apply it to the face and neck, be sure to take the time to massage in an upward motion along the contours of the face (basically, Treat yourself to 30 seconds of an express facial). This formula is maximum hydration but sinks into the skin fast without any greasy residue. 

For best results, you can sleep in this and let this system work for you while you rest. The added beauty of this system is you can also do this at the start of your day and cleanse at night, even applying makeup over the masque, the end-of-day cleanse will reveal fresh, supple skin that has the added protection of this combo.