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Handcare In Winter

Handcare In Winter

Winter is well and truly here, that means crisp air, shorter days, and a new set of elements for your skin to combat.
An overlooked but essential part of the body is in fact your hands.

Constantly exposed to the cold, rain, wind, and harsh treatment, your hands are as telling as your face and neck. Those paws are prime candidates for a daily hydration ritual. 

Starting with your skin, it's time to pick your daily hero hand cream.

We have 3 specifically designed Hand Creams to choose from.

Nourishing Hand + Cuticle cream is great for those with dried and damaged hands.
Thanks to hand sanitisers with harsh alcohol levels and constant hand washing, we are stripping oils and goodness from the skin several times a day.
To allow the skin a moment to heal and hydrate, this is the hand cream for you. 
Ultimate Goodness Hand Cream is just that - Your ultimate goodness in a tube.

This is the product that you will want to keep in your bag, car, and cabinet. 

It brings with it, deeper hydration for the skin, leaving a beautiful sheen, and is a touch of luxury with its heavenly scent and velvety finish.
Protective Hand Cream SPF30  If you think about it, our hands are even more exposed than our faces these days and that's why the added SPF30 makes perfect sense.

This is the hand cream for our active Evolu skincare lovers. Great for those likely to be outside, it hydrates and retains moisture all while shielding your hands from harmful UV rays with SPF30 protection. 
Each of our trio in the Hand Care Collection has been specifically designed to cover all the bases with hand and cuticle concerns but has also been intentionally created to work harmoniously with many of our other products.

Use each daily and reapply as needed, they all absorb with ease, and continue to work while you do. 

For stress relief, take a quick pause in your day by adding 15-20 seconds to your regular application. You can massage the cream by paying gentle attention to various relaxing pressure points in the hands, this can also aid with blood flow and warmth on cooler days.

Lastly, to make sure you are getting every last benefit from your Evolu routine, remember to take excess cream up the arms and to the elbows which are notorious for being on the dry side. Let your excess Facial Toner fall on the backs of your hands for a quick refresh and even use that last drop of your daily Seeds Of Love on the fingertips for a healthy boost for your cuticle and nail-bed health.