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Evolu - a personal story


Evolu is renowned for beautiful natural products that deliver healthier, more radiant skin...and a sensory experience to relish every day.

The products balance luxurious textures and skin feel with divine all-natural scents, thoughtfully crafted by Evolu founder Kati Kasza.

Made with love using only the finest quality ingredients, the range is free of animal testing, fillers and chemical nasties...


Inspired by her Hungarian immigrant upbringing and her quest to nourish and restore natural balance to her skin, Kati Kasza's lifelong passion for the beneficial properties of plants led to the creation of her unique brand of natural skincare.

Evolu products are Kiwi-made and customised personally by Kati, drawing on a wealth of botanical expertise, modern scientific research and naturally active ingredients sourced from Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world...



Gifting? Our beauty team recommends...

Gifting? Our beauty team recommends... It's the high-summer holiday season. Extra stress on gift shoppers, and on the skin! To make things easier our Gift Guide recommends our team's favourite Evolu gifts, partnered with locally-sourced items, perfectly matched to the season, and to each other...

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Taking the angst out of men's care

Taking the angst out of men's care Seems you guys all want healthy, great-looking skin...just the easiest and most efficient way!  Below is my quick guide on how to care for your skin simply and effectively. No fuss, but great results...

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Save your skin while staying safe

Save your skin while staying safe Masks certainly have a crucial role in keeping us safe, but one downside of wearing them for lengthy periods is that it can result in breakouts and other forms of skin irritation. Read my tips for minimising your skin's discomfort...

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