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Taking care of your family and friends…juggling work and travel…we know how easy it is for life to feel out of balance. Our skin is often the first to tell. Evolu’s comprehensive range of natural skincare - made in New Zealand since 1997 with ingredients grown locally and around the world - is carefully designed for you to achieve your own ideal balance. Simple yet potent, our naturally effective formulations help protect, nourish and restore your skin to its radiant best.
“Beauty is not something you buy. It’s who you are and how you feel in the world.”

Evolu Skincare - Our Story

Lifelong balance

When Evolu’s founder Kati Kasza travelled extensively for work, the effects of air-conditioned interiors, time-zone changes and abbreviated sleep, left her skin feeling out of balance. Kati was determined to find a natural, effective and sensorial solution. Drawing on her Hungarian heritage, her belief in the power of botanicals and lifelong passion for balance, Kati was inspired to create Evolu. Her mother was a trained botanist and herbalist. Her winemaker father helped pioneer New Zealand’s wine industry. Together they strongly influenced her instincts. Working so closely with nature from a young age gave Kati a vital perspective on life which is evident in every blend.
“We are not separate from nature but part of it.”

Evolu Skincare - Botanical Synergy

In touch with nature

Kati’s deep knowledge of botanicals and her talent for the fine art of blending are at the heart of Evolu. We are uncompromising in our commitment to sourcing 100% natural, premium quality ingredients including native botanicals unique to New Zealand with pure New Zealand spring water, to achieve superior results. Nothing goes unturned. Every ingredient is used for good reason. Every blend is crafted to be potent and effective with a 100% natural and delicate scent.
“A sensory pleasure to relish every day.”

The power of botanicals

Vitamins, aromatics, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and water-binding agents occur in botanicals in abundance. These elements are essential to keeping your skin balanced and radiant. When researching our botanical actives, we apply the latest global research in skin science to select and blend the most hydrating, renewing and soothing ingredients. We combine the most effective and essential actives so each can be used in concentrations for utmost potency and maximum benefit.
“Every formulation is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Evolu Skincare - Products

Best ethical practice

Balancing effective skincare with best ethical practice is one of our guiding principles. Evolu products are pH balanced and contain no parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, phthalates (fillers), sulphates, artificial colours or fragrances. We use industry accepted, plant-derived preservatives, of the highest quality and at absolute minimum concentrations, to ensure product safety. All our products formulated without water are preservative-free. All our products are suitable for vegetarians. None of our ingredients are derived directly from animals. We don’t test on animals. We don’t use any genetically engineered extracts and we avoid harsh alcohols and salicylic acid.

Environmentally sustainable

We believe that what’s good for your skin should be good for the environment too. Our mantra ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ helps us lessen our environmental impact wherever we can in measurable ways. We are a CarboNZero certified organisation, an annually-audited accreditation which gives us a framework for measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. We are careful to choose packaging that is best for its purpose, and seek to use recyclable materials wherever possible to minimise our impact on the environment.

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