Established in 1997, the seed for Evolu's creation was really planted years earlier, when founder Kati Kasza worked as an international flight attendant. Routinely dealing with drying air-conditioned interiors, endless time-zone changes and countless hours of abbreviated sleep, she struggled with unbalanced, depleted skin that was crying out for rescue.

Evolu Skincare - Our Story

Determined to find a balanced solution, one that would naturally renew, restore and protect her skin, Kati drew inspiration from her Hungarian family upbringing in New Zealand: her father was a pioneer winemaker, her mother an expert herbalist.

Imbued with their botanical knowledge and passion for the beneficial properties of plants, Kati brought to life her unique vision: skincare that would not only restore natural balance, but also be a pleasure to wear. Ever since, all Evolu products have been made with the same integrity and guiding principles as the first...

Evolu Skincare - Botanical Synergy

Results for the skin

Drawing on a wealth of botanical expertise, modern scientific research and an abundance of supporting natural ingredients, every Evolu product effects the change it’s designed to address. 

Delight for the senses

As a qualified perfumier, Kati crafts every Evolu formula to bring joy in its application. Each product is diffuse with the unique fragrance of its botanical ingredients, making you smile every time you apply it...

Evolu Skincare - Products

A zero-harm commitment

Effectiveness and best ethical practice have been core to the Evolu culture since the start. Our products are pH balanced, contain no nasties and are never tested on animals. Since 2009 Evolu has been a proudly CarboNZero™ certified business, which reflects our belief in working in harmony with nature, not against it. 

“A sensory pleasure to relish every day”

We believe in bringing the kind of satisfying, transformative, sensorial experience Kati created with her first formula to every person who uses an Evolu product.

Twenty years on and thousands of loyal customers later, and we’re still bursting with new ways to delight and deliver real results for the skin.

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