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Three easy morning habits to adopt

Three easy morning habits to adopt

Mornings are busy times and the last thing you might feel like you need is yet another task to complete. But what you do and how you feel in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and making a few simple changes can help with productivity, positivity and stress.

Here are some three strategies to try:

Start with a positive thought. Often we wake up and immediately start thinking about our long to-do lists. But if we consciously and purposefully turn our minds to something simple and positive upon waking, it sets a happier tone for the day. Even for just a few seconds focus your mind on someone you love, hum a bit of your favourite song or just take time to stretch out and enjoy the sensation of your warm bed.

Wake up your skin. Taking a little extra care with your skincare routine can do wonders for your complexion, and turn the mundane into the luxurious. Try removing your cleanser with a hot, damp muslin cloth, taking time to press it gently into your skin. This hot compress gives a deeper cleanse and brings blood to the surface of the skin, assisting with detoxification and radiance. Or, try applying your moisturiser or serum with a gentle facial massage, using small circular motions. This improves skin texture and muscle tone and helps products absorb faster.

The simple mindfulness of these techniques means you’ll both see and feel the benefits.

Eat That Frog. Having a daunting or unpleasant task hanging over our heads introduces a lot of unnecessary stress and worry to our day. Instead of putting it off, commit to doing that task first up – eat that frog – and you’ll set the rest of your day up for being more productive. Once you’ve structured your morning like this enough times, it will become second nature.