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Taking the angst out of men's care

Taking the angst out of men's care

Hey guys, are you wanting to care for your skin but getting put off by all the blather? You aren't alone. Seems you chaps all want healthy, great-looking skin...just the easiest and most efficient way!

I've recently interviewed men and noticed some themes about skincare. The main  concerns? Hydration...and sun protection. 

I picked up many comments along the lines of "not all skincare is equal". This is insightful. Opting for a higher quality product generally means better results. Natural products are becoming the new normal, and oils are increasingly popular, especially those that are multi-purpose and light in texture.

Below are a few tips on how to care for your skin simply and effectively. No fuss, but great results. Sound good?


I suggest staying away from cleaning your face with soap, as it can strip the skin of its natural oils. Much better to use a product that cleans without drying.

I recommend the Regulating Gel Cleanser: Naturally foaming and anti-bacterial - simply apply and work into the skin and away it goes. This can be used for shaving too.

Sensitive Skin? Then go for the Relaxing Creme Cleanser. You can use both of these cleansers in the shower.

Bald heads

Always a risk area for dry and flaky skin. Exfoliation is important, as you don't want to pile moisturiser on top of dead skin cells, and our pure oil blends are ideal as they soak in quickly and leave a healthy glow.

I recommend following our Renewing Facial Exfoliator with either Rosehip&Friends facial oil or the multi-tasking Seeds of Love Superflora Dry Oil in the morning, and the Skin Rescue Rehydration Masque at night.

"My go-to product is the Facial Exfoliator. I love how easy it is to use in the shower, how smooth it leaves my scalp and the natural fragrance is subtle but refreshing. I follow with the Rehydration masque morning and night - the texture is rich but not sticky and it smells really effective" Paul


Keep your beard clean either washing with a Facewash or Shampoo. To maintain it's glossiness and prevent it drying out, follow with a beard oil. "I use either the Seeds of Love or the Rosehip&Friends morning and night - which ever is closest" Alex

Aging Skin

The best way to approach aging skin is through hydration and sun protection.
It's perfectly normal to experience dryer skin as you age. You'll probably notice age spots appear, on your face and on the backs of your hands due to sun exposure over the years.

A two-in-one moisturiser with sunscreen (SPF30 is best) is ideal. It soaks in quickly after shaving and after you've applied to your face, apply to the tops of your hands too.

"I love the balm-like feel to this product. My shaving rash on my neck under my chin has disappeared." Denis

If you've had skin cancers removed you'll want to add extra hydration to those areas - so apply the Rosehip&Friends to that area first and then the Protective Day Cream SPF30. It's not only hydrating, but also very good for assisting with softening scarring.

You can certainly use this product if you have sensitive skin or oily skin too.

Dry hands and feet

If these are problem areas for you, slap on the Nourishing Hand+Cuticle Cream for both. It's wonderful for cracked skin.

"I get very dry skin and love using your Hand+Cuticle Cream for my cracked hands and feet. It's not too fragrant and soaks in really well, easy to put it on while I'm on the couch watching sport." Andrew

I don't want to overload - yes, I could go on! But with these products, you'll find you've got an excellent angst-free system to give you healthy, glowing skin.