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Handle with care: how to look after your hands

Handle with care: how to look after your hands

Our hands are one of the first places to show the signs of aging. While we might pay plenty of attention to the skin on our face, we often don’t notice wrinkles, age spots and thinning skin on the backs of our hands until one day when we get quite a shock!

What we forget is that hands are exposed daily to damaging environmental factors like UV and other toxins. But there are several steps we can take to ensure our hands are treated with care they deserve.

Be Religious About SPF

UV exposure doesn’t just happen when we spend time enjoying the outdoors. Our hands can be exposed to the sun’s damaging rays when we’re driving the car or typing on the computer by a window. Apply SPF to the back of your hands as part of your morning routine. And be sure to keep a tube in the car and at your desk for top ups throughout the day.

Wear Gloves

Gloves are a great way to protect our hands from things like harsh cleaning products and UV rays. Try and wear them whenever you’re doing something that might cause damage, whether it’s cleaning, gardening, skiing or driving the car a long distance.

Treat Them Kindly

Regular use of a nourishing hand cream will keep the skin hydrated and protected. Apply a nourishing oil to your cuticles, pushing them back rather than cutting them which can lead to ragged growth. And when you use a face mask, apply a little to the back of your hands too. They’ll thank you for it.