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Why I created a podcast

Why I created a podcast
Over recent months I've become an avid listener of podcasts. If you're already a podcast fan, you'll know what a brilliant tool it is for discovering and learning new things, or just enjoying topics you're already passionate about...content that you can search, browse and listen to (or pause, or stop listening) entirely on your own whim.

I suppose it's a bit like listening to a radio interview or an audiobook. Perfect for in the car - I especially enjoy them on a long drive where I might otherwise listen to music (which, don't get me wrong, is a wonderful thing to do too!)

So what prompted me to think about creating my own podcast ‘Keys to Self Care’? In a nutshell, it was looking back over the twenty-one years I've been in business at the helm of Evolu.

In my world of natural skincare, my philosophy is to have a holistic approach. I've lost count of the times I've found myself in conversation with customers who share my views that inner health and wellbeing are so crucial to natural beauty.

In these conversations with like-minded people, I've also discovered many who have their own areas of expertise in the world of wellbeing.

The more I thought about it, the more I came to understand how important the topic of self care is to me.  I am passionate about it, and that’s what motivated me to put this knowledge, and these connections, to good use by developing a series of interviews on this theme.

I'm thoroughly enjoying these discussions, and especially the recording process. I've also learned a few crucial things along the way about how to approach it.

Clearly, it's important to be prepared and understand your topic. For my carefully chosen subjects, my questions need to be not only be pertinent to the topic, but interesting for the listener.

I've found it fascinating to be an interviewer. A flowing conversation is the aim, but also to learn from my guests. I've also learned the importance of listening - it’s not ideal having a guest's train of thought being interrupted by an enthusiastic host!

For me the beauty of the podcast format is in the depth of the conversation. I'm always curious to know more about the personal lives of interviewees, so my aim is have listeners feel connected to my own guests - having a sense of knowing them professionally, but also some personal insights.

Technically, it's not too hard to record a podcast. You need little more equipment than a cellphone and a high-quality microphone. Thankfully we have our trusty techies here at Evolu to assist with production and uploading, as that's certainly not my forte. However, I'm told the how-tos are all out there, thanks to Dr Google!

So give it a go - if you are passionate about a subject, search it out, and you'll soon realise how amazing the podcast world is.