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The boys deserve great skin too

The boys deserve great skin too
We often get asked whether men can use Evolu. The answer is: absolutely!  Many of our products are perfectly suited to male skin. That's because, while slightly different, the key functions and needs of men's skin are the same as women's.

The good news for the boys is, due to the higher collagen density of male skin, its aging process is a little slower.

Regardless, as collagen production inevitably lessens, skin loses its elasticity, so men should be proactive about keeping their skin in tip-top condition. Like always, the key actions are cleansing, exfoliation, moisturising, with special focus on two important aspects for men : after-shaving, and protection against external damage.

Shaving can cause dryness, irritation (shaving rash), and also rosacea. As for environmental threats, men's skin gets a lot of exposure to harsh sun and wind and the outdoors in general - fishing, golf, team sports - the list goes on. So what do we recommend as Evolu must-haves?

Regulating Gel Cleanser - it says it all in the name, right? Lentil Seed extract helps regulate oil production, while extracts of Cucumber and Cypress refresh and revitalise the skin. This natural cleanser belongs in the shower, and can also be used as a shaving gel, thanks to its Kumerahou ingredient. This New Zealand native plant foams naturally once water is added, so the product lathers beautifully. 

One of our most popular products with male customers is the Protective Day Cream SPF30. One reason may be its lightweight, non-greasy texture that doesn't leave an oily afterfeel. It's also perfect to use after shaving. And, let's face it, men generally like to keep things simple. A moisturiser and sunscreen all in one is perfect.

For all-important oil control, men should reach for our Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask. Because this product helps regulate sebum, it's ideal for shaved or bald heads, an area that can be challenging for men, since hair normally helps absorb excess oil. Yet, typically, the scalp can still be very dry underneath. Tips for using this mask: apply it all over the face and scalp, allow to dry (five to ten minutes), then wash off with a warm, wet facecloth. Follow with the Protective Day Cream SPF15 or any other Evolu Day Cream that suits the skin type.

For shaving rash or rosacea, we recommend the Rehydration Rescue Masque. This can be applied to the affected area at any time and can also be used as a leave-on product overnight. Borage is an amazing botanical that eases rosacea redness and any other inflammation.

For the man that loves an after-shave oil, the Rosehip&Friends ticks all the boxes. It's light, fresh, and subtly fragranced with green citrus notes that are 100% natural.

Lips often get neglected - the Healing Lip Treatment is great for nicks and cuts, cold sores and sunburn.

Invigorating Body Scrub - what man doesn't like a body scrub? This product suits the man that cares for his body and his face - it can be used on the face for a man, due to the stronger facial skin. Arabica coffee grounds buff off dead skin and it's balanced with harakeke (flaxseed) oil and kawakawa. So any skin sensitivities are taken care of, too.

For more information on these products, visit the Men's Care listings on the website.