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The benefits of being a heavy drinker

The benefits of being a heavy drinker

That's water I'm referring to. Did you know there is a creature in this world that drinks water via its feet? When the Thorny Devil lizard stands in water, the moisture migrates hygroscopically (yes, I had to look that word up) - via the wrinkles in its skin - to the corners of its mouth.

I like that. I've coined my own term for it: drinkling.

It just strikes me as so ironic, because I spend so much time promoting hydration as a defence against wrinkles. And here's Mother Nature using wrinkles for hydration.

Being in the skincare business, I see a lot of dehydrated skin. It's become very easy for me to recognise.

The first thing I ask someone with dehydrated skin is how much water they are drinking. The answer is always a variation on a theme: "I drink plenty...but it's probably not the right drink." In other words, it's not water.

You can see for yourself if you use your fingertips to push your skin upwards from your jawline towards your cheekbone. If it creases with small, papery lines, your body is very likely dehydrated.

Water is essential to all the vital functions of your body. It reduces the risk of so many health issues people face, especially illnesses to do with the bladder, breast, colon and kidney.

Regular hydration will boost your energy levels. It will also boost your immune system and mental sharpness. You need water to speed up recovery from injuries. The list is endless.

We are very lucky to have a largely unlimited supply of water in New Zealand - beautiful, clean, delicious water. Our tap water in New Zealand is totally drinkable. So much so, it incenses me that we waste so much money, and create so much waste, buying bottled water!

I'm even more hostile to sugary, fizzy drinks. I feel we have an enormous responsibility to our children to educate them early on in life about the essential benefits of water, and the health downsides of softdrink.

One more thing. Is it just me, or does our sense of thirst diminish as we age? I have no idea if this a scientific fact, but I do wonder if it's true of others as well as me. Perhaps its partly because there is so much going on in our daily lives, that we forget to listen to our bodies. What do you think?

Anyway, for all the above reasons, I have become a heavy drinker - of water. Oh, all right, and the occasional coffee!