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The benefits of Seaweed in Skincare

The benefits of Seaweed in Skincare

We see it strewn across the beach after a storm. We love how it sways in the underwater garden world and marvel how it comes in all shapes and sizes.  

Seaweed refers to several species of macroscopic, multicellular marine algae. They're not plants, even though they do use chlorophyll for photosynthesis. Some have a root-like structure called a "holdfast" to anchor themselves to a surface. They are phenomenally rich sources of goodness for our bodies, and of course, our skin.

There are macro and micro algae. Macro-algae are the large scale varieties, some of which you may recognise, such as Wakame, Nori, Irish Moss, Kelp, Kombu, Dulse, Hijiki, and Arame. These are all edible seaweeds, largely classified as red, brown or green algae.
Micro-algae are the opposite in scale: incredibly tiny. These are “single cell” algae, and can only be seen under a microscope. This type is often found in freshwater and marine systems, in both water and sediment.

Both macro and micro-algae are highly useful in skincare. They store minerals and trace elements required for our body's physiological functions, in quantities far greater than those of land plants. They are high in amino acids, proteins and vitamins - A, B, C and E - and are often referred to as superfoods as a result. All-important calcium, magnesium, potassium are present, as are antioxidants, which absorb and naturally reduce or eliminate contaminants like free radicals from our bodies.

Edible seaweeds are also referred to as sea vegetables. We have carefully selected some of these wonder 'vegetables of the sea' as key extracts in our overnight products.

In our Active Age-Defence range, both the Regenerative Overnight Cream and the Firming Eye Cream are infused with Ulva - this underwater sea vegetable is high in anti-oxidants and can improve the synthesis of collagen. The overnight cream also boasts Nori which is high in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, plus Omega-3.

The Eye+Lip Line Serum formula includes Wakame (also prevelant in Japanese food) which contains polysaccharides and vitamins A, B2, C, D, E and K to support the cell structure.

For normal and combination skins, the Balancing Overnight Cream contains anti-oxidant rich Irish Moss and Spirulina extracts, which help soften the skin and boost it resilience.

The Recovery Overnight Cream for dry and sensitive skins also contains Irish Moss extract, as well as Wakame. Padina Pavonica (sometimes referred to as Peacock's Tail) has a special function in this product too, with its water-attracting molecules that help to maintain moisture within the skin.

The phrase "Beauty Sleep" may become more meaningful when you know that your overnight skincare products contain underwater algae extracts that have an ability to instantly hydrate and condition the skin. They have a remarkable effect at softening the skin, so the complexion looks and feels nourished in the morning.