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Are you experiencing cracked skin?

Are you experiencing cracked skin?

With COVID-19, the emphasis on washing and sanitising of hands has resulted in increased stress on the skin. And now that we've burst our 'bubbles' this problem is unlikely to end soon. We have to be even more vigilant. 

Yes, a 60%+ ethanol-based hand sanitiser formulation will kill germs, but with frequent use, alcohol's harsh drying effects play havoc, often causing the skin to dry to the point of cracking. Likewise, harsh soaps, especially in combination with hot water, are going to cause overly dry skin.

When the skin is properly hydrated, natural oils help lock in moisture and soften texture. So if your skin doesn't retain enough oil, it will dry out and shrink, which potentially leads to cracking. This can not only be painful, but also a perfect environment for infection.

Here are ways in which you can address this issue.
Avoid harsh ingredients when washing and sanitising hands.

Evolu Softening Hand Wash is a gentle and very effective option, with anti-bacterial lemongrass, grapefruit and sweet orange. It's quite a concentrated formulation, so a little goes a long way and the lingering citrus fragrance is beautiful.

Sanitise hands with a gel rather than a spray and go for sanitisers with added aloe vera to assist with hydration. The Evolu Anti-microbial Sanitising Handshield with Aloe Vera is a balanced gel rub containing the sanitising non-alcohol ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride which meets FDA guidelines for 99.99% germ kill. It doesn't instantly evaporate like alcohol - apply it thoroughly and allow about 15 secs for it to dry. With its longer 4-hour sanitising action, a little bit of Evolu goes a long way.

If your skin is cracked, you'll need to attend to healing and hydrating the skin. To rescue and repair the hands, apply the Evolu Rehydrating Rescue Masque directly to the skin and rub in. Borage Oil, Hazelnut Oil and Kawakawa extract blended with manuka oil work together to soothe and deeply hydrate. Many customers talk about how this product has relieved their eczema and dermatitis.

Once the skin is healed, regularly apply the Evolu Nourishing Hand+Cuticle Cream, massaging into the base of the nails to assist strengthening of nails and softening of cuticles.

Another problem area for cracked skin is the lips. Dry, cracked lips occur from cold air, central heating and also from licking the lips to keep them moist.

The Evolu Healing Lip Treatment contains manuka honey, rosemary and thyme. Both the manuka honey and thyme are anti bacterial and healing, whilst rosemary can boost circulation. 

This product can be worn under matt lipstick to prevent the lips drying out, or you might find, because of the rosemary increasing blood circulation, that you can wear it as a lip gloss and it will bring out the colour in your lips!

It's also good as a base so that product won't slip on lips as much, and it's also a great idea to sleep with it on your lips so they are moist when you wake up.